2DRY FM Radiothon- Patrick and Seth Kreitner

Since 2011, Patrick Kreitner has been an active member of 2DRY FM and has spent much of this period as a board member of the organisation. A former President and Treasurer, Mr Kreitner is currently the Vice President, a position he has held since relinquishing the presidency to the current President, Dion Woodman, several years ago.

In a conversation with The Truth, Mr Kreitner reflected on his tenure at the station. “I met a mate of mine, Craig, who was also a fellow musician. We shared an interest in music and music history and once discussed starting our own radio show.” Lacking radio experience, the duo approached 2DRY FM for guidance. “At that time,” Mr Kreitner noted, “the technical infrastructure was not in good shape, and 2DRY FM was probably at its lowest point. However, I didn’t know any different as it was my first experience in media.”

Soon after, Mr Kreitner and Craig began hosting a weekly program called The Journey, which ran for two years before Craig relocated from Broken Hill. Mr Kreitner continued the show alone or with occasional guests but took a year-long break in 2018 to consider future programming options. “One of the most enjoyable aspects of radio is having a strong co-presenter; content is often secondary,” he remarked.

Upon his return, Mr Kreitner and Jess Picken launched The Album Show, focused on discovering new music. The show successfully aired for over two years until Ms Picken’s departure. Currently, Mr Kreitner is exploring options for a new program and recently initiated The Movie Show with Cathy Farry. The show premiered on Halloween 2022 and airs every Monday at 6 p.m.

Among his accomplishments, Mr Kreitner treasures the time he has spent with his son, Seth, who became a 2DRY FM member in 2016. “I joined because of my love for the music I listened to as a child,” said Seth, now 20.

However, his father believes that “I might have talked him into it while teaching him scriptwriting.”

Seth has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the station and recently completed training on live show management and panel operation as part of the Have a Crack program led by station manager Megan Williams. “I would love to host a live show in the future,” added Seth.

Looking ahead, Mr Kreitner is optimistic. “We have increased engagement with new presenters, better finances, promising grants, and the granting bodies seem confident in our success.” With a decade of board experience, he hopes newer presenters will fill key board positions.

In conclusion, Mr Kreitner emphasised that 2DRY FM offers “exceptional opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We have three vision-impaired presenters, and several volunteers have autism. It’s wonderful to see people feeling supported and making a difference, which is vital for the station.”

As the printing deadline for this edition passed, the station has raised $3722 as part of their Radiothon.

To get involved, to donate, or for more information relating to the Radiothon, visit This link also records the current balance of donations, of which 2DRY are watching with interest as the Radiothon progresses.


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