$15 fee or $11,000 fine.

Illegal rubbish dumping equals up to 11,000 in fines.

The never-ending battle against illegal dumping can hot up over the Christmas break. This year many of the spots around Broken Hill have been spared but someone still dumped a load of rubbish near the South Golf Course.

South residents are upset as this area was cleaned by Broken Hill City Council at the end of 2021.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have placed signs around the town exits displaying the 131 555 phone number used to report illegal dumping.

The EPA can fine people up to $4000 for dumping rubbish.


Police can also charge those caught dumping rubbish $7,000.

Broken Hill City Council charge $10 for a flat load of rubbish or $15 for a heaped trailer of rubbish.

You can also recycle rubbish for free if it is separated into the following groups, cans, cardboard/paper and bottles.

E-waste can be dumped free and this includes computers, TVs, batteries, and white goods (fridges, washing machines , dryers etc.).

It is also free to dump green waste up to a tonne.

Ratepayers receive 5 free trailer loads of rubbish per year.

Rubbish charges and recycling information can be found on the Broken Hill City Council website by clicking the drop down menu and select Service, then Waste Services then Weigh Bridge.

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